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R3 Consulting Group’s Guiding Principles

Incorporated in 2002, we are a California Certified Small Business. Our mission is to assist municipal clients with identifying challenges, evaluating alternatives, and implementing cost-effective, environmentally-sound, and community-friendly solid waste solutions, with the ultimate goal of diverting material from the landfill. We have offices in California and Hawaii, and are a consultant team comprised of talented urban planners, policy writers, engineers, data analyzers, communicators, and designers who are passionate about sustainability. We provide services related to solid waste planning, procurement and negotiation assistance, operations and performance reviews, financial and rate analysis, and compliance assistance. Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our work with our clients, employees, and shareholders to achieve positive and ongoing social, environmental, and financial results.

Our day-to-day business operations, processes, and procedures reflect the following sustainability principles.

Social Sustainability

  • We take an active role in local non-profit and environmental causes, including support for local bike trails and waterways.
  • We regularly sponsor employee participation in regional benefit walks, runs, and rides, as well as local non-profit art and cultural events.
  • We train staff in conservation practices for recycling, composting (and food waste reduction), reuse, energy, and water.
  • As a small business, we depend on our employees to take ownership and responsibility for the success of the firm and to exemplify our firm’s mission. In return, we provide our employees with excellent health and profit-sharing benefits, telecommuting opportunities, flexible work schedules, in-office lunches and snacks, bicycle allowances, and other benefits.

Environmental Sustainability

Because we specialize in providing professional solid waste management services to our clients, achieving positive environmental benefits for the communities we serve is core to the success of our business. We are committed to “walking the walk.”

  • We use recycled content paper for all printed materials, submit work products digitally whenever feasible, and source office supplies made from recycled materials.
  • We source reused office furniture and equipment, offer them for reuse when no longer needed, and promote in-house use of reusable wares and goods.
  • We utilize daily-use hybrid and bio-diesel vehicles for site visits and meetings.
  • We promote conference calls in lieu of on-site meetings whenever feasible.

Financial Sustainability

Our clients may, at times, be faced with choices that appear to put environmental responsibility at odds with financial interests when addressing recycling and solid waste matters. At R3 we believe that financial responsibility should be addressed hand-in-hand with social and environmental responsibility.  Our objective is to help our clients identify, evaluate, and implement “win-win-win” opportunities — mutually beneficial for social, environmental, and financial sustainability. We pride ourselves on cost effectively achieving our clients’ goals and objectives by streamlining processes, simplifying methodologies, and providing work products that concisely identify next steps and strategic actions.

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