Meet our team.

Our team is made up of experienced professionals with backgrounds in public and private sectors, engineering, resource management, environmental science, and urban planning. We have a passion for solid waste management and sustainability, and the abilities to produce and deliver expert analysis and recommendations to our clients.  Together, we have assisted communities in implementing a variety of programs, and conducted hundreds of solid waste management consulting projects throughout California and the United States.

Richard Tagore-Erwin

R3 Principal

Mr. Tagore-Erwin’s project work encompasses all aspects of solid waste management and environmental consulting. Over the past 25 years, Mr. Tagore-Erwin has conducted over 140 solid waste procurement and management consulting projects for a variety of public agencies throughout California and Arizona. Those projects include rate audits, performance and compliance reviews, and competitive procurements of solid waste and recycling programs and facilities. In addition to his procurement and financial analysis work, he has managed over 100 projects encompassing preparation of AB 939 plans, development of Eco-Industrial Parks, administration of hauler monitoring and reporting programs, and financial, management, and operations reviews.

Prior to his work as a municipal management consultant, Mr. Tagore-Erwin was a Senior Consultant to the California Legislature where he was instrumental in development of many of California’s solid waste management laws, including AB 939, recycled content requirements, used oil recycling requirements, and labeling of rigid plastic containers. He also has served on several national panels on sustainability.

William Schoen

R3 Principal

Mr. Schoen is an engineer with more than 25 years of solid waste operational and consulting experience. He has managed recycling and landfill operations and assisted numerous jurisdictions with the review and assessment of both municipally operated and franchised solid waste management systems. His primary expertise lies in the areas of solid waste operations, rate reviews, and financial analysis. He has reviewed the finances and operations of numerous municipal and private sector solid waste management operations including divisions of Waste Management, Republic Services, Recology, Allied, BFI, and other regional and local solid waste management services providers.

Garth Schultz

R3 Principal

Mr. Schultz has extensive experience in recycling and solid waste management operations, public education and outreach and related projects, including food scrap composting, reusable materials distribution, multi-family diversion and waste reduction education and outreach. He most recently served as Public Works Manager for the City of El Cerrito, with responsibility for managing the city’s municipal recycling collection and processing operations and its solid waste and green waste collection and processing agreements and annual rate setting process. Prior to that he served as a recycling coordinator for Allied Waste.

Mark Alpers

Senior Project Manager

Mr. Alpers has more than 25 years of solid waste management consulting experience including, conducting waste audits and assisting commercial businesses with designing and implementing recycling programs in compliance with AB341 ordinance. He has also managed siting studies, fatal-flaw analyses, feasibility studies, and performance evaluations of these facilities. Mr. Alpers has also prepared plans for and operated major recycling outreach programs including multi-family housing and backyard composting. He has extensive experience conducting public hearings, public meetings and coordination with regulatory agencies.

Debbie Alpers

Senior Project Manager

Ms. Alpers has a wide range of experience as part of our Southern California team, with expertise in the following:  project management; market research; survey development, administration and analysis; data collection and analysis; and review and evaluation of waste hauler performance. Recent clients include the City of San Diego, where she provided research, analytical support, and report writing services for the City’s Districted Exclusive Collection System Study.  Debbie’s ongoing work includes numerous solid waste facility reviews and reports of the accuracy of payments for Los Angeles County.

Kristy Dalay

Marketing Coordinator

Ms. Dalay has experience designing websites, marketing services for public awareness campaigns for a range of organizations, and various marketing and outreach materials. Her areas of expertise include designing for visual and informational graphics and printed products, along with social media marketing, branding recognition and promotional design. She is highly proficient with a range of software platforms including InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Dreamweaver and front-end web development languages.

Janet Barile

Operations Manager

Ms. Barile provides support services on a wide range of planning, operational, and financial projects. She has also provided administrative assistance with the evaluation of services for municipal operations.

Carrie Baxter

Carrie Baxter

Senior Project Analyst

Ms. Baxter has been involved in a range of projects. She has assisted with negotiations and competitive procurement projects for solid waste management services, developed guidelines and tools for municipal agencies promoting waste reduction and sustainability, and been involved in a range of planning, operational, and financial projects assisting with the gathering of data in support of refuse fee analysis and routinely conducting comprehensive solid waste and recycling rate and service surveys. Ms. Baxter has also prepared procurement documents and gathered data from neighboring jurisdictions, analyzed rates and rate adjustment requests, as well as assisted in preparation of Proposition 218 public notifications, staff reports, and reviewing rate adjustment applications. She has also conducted facility and route audits for compliance with ordinances and franchise agreements.

Emily Ginsburg

Senior Project Analyst

As a Project Analyst at R3, Ms. Ginsburg has particular proficiency in solid waste data management and administration, as well as developing and evaluating programmatic alternatives, implementation, and ordinances concerning solid waste. As such, she has a wide range of skills and knowledge to offer through her project assistance in strategic solid waste planning and implementation for our clients. She also has experience with community outreach and customer service.

Natalie Lessa

Senior Project Analyst

Ms. Lessa has extensive communications experience in the environmental industry, and has five years of experience developing waste reduction plans, performing audits and creating related outreach and education campaigns. She is an excellent project manager who specializes in diversion and public engagement. With her background in writing and editing, Ms. Lessa works to support her clients’ communication needs. She brings enthusiasm and a dedication to build positive relationships with our clients.

Ryan Calkins, Senior Project Analyst

Ryan Calkins

Senior Project Analyst

Mr. Calkins is a Marine Corps veteran who recently joined R3 after a successful career managing private sector waste, organic and recyclable collection systems for Waste Management (WMI) at their Oakland and Stockton Divisions, and California Waste Solutions in Oakland. He has day-to-day experience with using Onboard Computing Systems Dispatch (OCSD) systems and rerouting and mapping routes with GIS software. His responsibilities included the day-to-day management of unionized drivers, including organizing, directing, and controlling the activities to ensure safe and timely collection of materials consistent with WMI’s local business plan and customer service contractual requirements. He also trained incoming Route Managers. Most recently, Mr. Calkins served as Operations Manager where he had responsibility for residential and roll-off operations, organizing and scheduling the resources necessary to accomplish all daily activities, and coordinating daily operational needs with fleet maintenance services.

Rosemarie Radford

Senior Project Analyst

Ms. Radford has expertise in environmental management, research, policy and data analysis. She comes to R3 with a passion for recycling and waste issues, and extensive experience in mapping, data visualization, database administration, and online software user interface design. She has several years’ experience as an environmental consultant, and a background in public policy and administration.

Nikhil Tagore-Erwin

Associate Analyst

Mr. Tagore-Erwin recently joined R3 as an Associate Analyst, with previous experience in project and office management, and business marketing. He provides valuable support on a wide range of projects, including hauler performance reports, financial analyses, solid waste planning, and grant application reviews. As part of these projects, he also conducts surveys, performs online and in-the-field data research, and compiles and critically analyzes the resulting data and findings.

Claire Wilson

Associate Analyst

Ms. Wilson is our newest addition to the R3 team. She comes from an environmental science and ecology background, with experience in research and data analysis, and community outreach and education. As an Associate Analyst, Ms. Wilson provides support on a variety of projects including rate adjustment reviews, performance reviews, field work, and editing. She is passionate about waste issues and working with local governments.

Eimi Tagore-Erwin, Marketing Associate

Eimi Tagore-Erwin

Marketing Associate

Ms. Tagore-Erwin recently joined R3 as a Marketing Associate, with previous experience as an editor, copywriter, and graphic designer. With her strong background in writing and editing, she provides valuable support on a range of R3’s marketing activities, including new lead generation and proposal development.