Libby Costello, Associate Consultant

Libby Costello

Associate Consultant

Libby Costello is a former environmental engineer and brings 3+ years of experience in environmental consulting and contracting. She has provided project support for various multimedia compliance projects including Hazardous Materials Business Plans, Risk Management Plans, and hazardous materials permitting. Libby also has experience in conducting environmental inspections, chemical inventories, pre-assessment and baseline determinations, and waste audits. After graduating from UCLA with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering, she worked as a research assistant in Sydney, Australia, where she learned quantification and analysis techniques relating to microplastics in washing machine effluent. After returning to the United States, she worked on U.S. Forest Service wildfire camps and at event venues building and servicing landfill diversion systems, primarily pertaining to recycling and food waste collection.

Currently, as an Associate Consultant for R3, Libby is helping on a wide variety of projects. Moat recently, she has helped to review CPI and RRI based rate adjustments, write safety protocols for waste collection fleets, update and amend franchise agreements, conduct C&D facility audits, and provide assistance on zero waste plan updates.

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