R3 is conducting “full service” procurement and solid waste consulting assistance for the City of Piedmont. The City of Piedmont is characterized by high performance in diversion, very high participation in on-premise “backyard” services, and a primarily residential subscription base. The rate structure is “flatter” than most other comparable jurisdictions, with smaller can sizes costing more on average, and larger can sizes costing less on average.

This procurement builds upon R3’s prior work with the City conducting the procurement for services in 2007/2008, which resulted in the current Franchise Agreement with Republic Services, reviewing annual rate applications from Republic, and conducting a Performance and Billing Review of Republic in 2015. The procurement process includes the following key elements:

  • Working with City staff and Council to develop a list of desired services, and to encourage competitive pricing by adjusting “free” services and associated rates, such as discounted backyard service and extra carts;
  • Engaging with the community through the use of a survey and two community workshops;
  • Drafting and finalizing the Request for Proposals for collection services by developing collection program requirements, as well as ancillary procurement documentation such as minimum contractor qualifications and a mailing list of potential proposers;
  • Assisting City staff in technical evaluation and assessment of proposals;
  • Preparing evaluation criteria, providing written responses to questions submitted regarding the RFP, and preparing addenda as necessary; and
  • Developing a draft Franchise Agreement, which will be negotiated with the selected proposer.