On behalf of the Sonoma County Waste Management Agency (SCWMA), R3 incorporated key recommendations and findings about organics material processing in the County of Sonoma (County) to compile a Request for Information (RFI) for future compost facilities that might be sited in the County. This RFI was used to aid the SCWMA in developing a strategic action plan to provide for organics capacity throughout the region, simultaneous with the procurement of solid waste services for several jurisdictions within the County. Following this RFI, R3 was engaged by SCWMA to assist in the procurement of an organics material processing facility in the county, as well as provide the SCWMA solid waste consulting assistance.

Our proposed scope of services is designed to allow R3 to act as an extension of SCWMA staff by assisting in the following aspects of this procurement project:

  • Compiling the Request for Proposals (RFP) package, including drafting of the program requirements, the processing agreement, and customer rate options;
  • Conducting a series of community workshops and/or SCWMA Board meetings;
  • Developing a mailing list and issuing the RFP;
  • Conducting a pre-proposal conference with potential organics processors;
  • Preparing written responses to questions submitted regarding the RFP, and preparing addenda as necessary;
  • Conducting interviews with the evaluation team;
  • Assisting in the evaluation of responses from processors;
  • Assisting SCWMA staff with the presentation of the results of the evaluation process and staff recommendation to the SCWMA Board;
  • Conducting clarification or negotiation sessions if necessary; and
  • Finalizing the processing agreement.

The goals that will guide the procurement process include the following:

  • Providing the highest level of service to the SCWMA’s residents and businesses at the best cost; and
  • Ensuring long-term sustainability and successful operations of organics processing facilities utilized by the SCWMA.

R3 is conducting “full service” procurement and solid waste consulting assistance for the City of Piedmont. The City of Piedmont is characterized by high performance in diversion, very high participation in on-premise “backyard” services, and a primarily residential subscription base. The rate structure is “flatter” than most other comparable jurisdictions, with smaller can sizes costing more on average, and larger can sizes costing less on average.

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In early 2016, R3 was engaged by the City of Rolling Hills Estates to conduct a Performance Review of their franchised hauler, Waste Management (WM), with the objective of assessing WM’s collection operations prior to the franchise agreement’s expiration in early 2017. R3’s Performance Review included: Read more

R3 was recently engaged by the City of Half Moon Bay to provide “full service assistance” with the City’s procurement of solid waste collection and street sweeping services. R3’s procurement assistance services for the City will include: Read more