Angela Micheletti, Associate Consultant

Angela Micheletti

Associate Consultant

Angela graduated from UC Davis in 2022 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Geology. While she was there, she conducted a senior thesis studying how carbon isotopes affect microorganisms living in Antarctic lakes. Her interest with carbon isotopes in particular began because of the issue with global warming, the rising of greenhouse gases, and how they would affect organisms living in extreme environments. She has studied the environment for 4+ years and volunteered to help keep the oceans clean and endangered species safe; which has led her to her passion for sustainability and the need to educate those on the importance for it. This, in turn, led her to R3, leading forward the need to become more sustainable to combat global warming. In her role for R3, Angela provides support to the senior consultants as well as maintaining projects. She helps with franchise agreements, rate surveys, diversion, conducting site visits for edible food recovery and contamination.
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