Peggy Paulsen, Marketing & Communications Director

Peggy Paulsen, CPSM

Marketing & Communications Director

Peggy Paulsen is an experienced Marketing Unicorn with over a decade of experience in producing proposals, organizing data, brand management, social media engagement, designing and maintaining company websites. She is a very energetic and creative person with a keen eye for detail and organization, and always maintains an understanding of the core story technical staff are trying to communicate. She leads all marketing efforts for R3 and contributes to the growth, leadership, and overall strategic direction of the organization. She is a leader in the development, budgeting, implementation, and adherence to the corporate marketing plan, branding, and messaging.

With her expertise in fine-tuned information design, Peggy also regularly collaborates with project staff and clients to develop visually appealing, easy-to-understand graphics and outreach materials to help R3’s clients engage and educate their target communities about new legislation such as AB 1826 and SB 1383. She designs customizable forms, brochures, newsletters, and presentations for our clients, as well as personalized maps, infographics and logos, and event posters and flyers. To create these materials, Peggy uses her extensive knowledge and skills in data organization and flow, typesetting, color theory, and use of various complex software platforms, including the Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office.

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