City of Stockton – Performance Review

In 2004, the City of Stockton entered into a franchise agreement with two waste haulers, Republic Services (previously Allied Waste), and Waste Management (USA Waste), the number #1 and #2 largest solid waste management operators in the Country. The 15‐year agreement provides a residential and commercial 3‐cart waste collection system that includes recyclables, green and food waste. The franchise agreement with both haulers is due to expire in 2019, unless it is extended. R3 was selected by the City to conduct a performance review and billing audit of the City’s franchised waste haulers.

Our performance review studied and evaluated contractual compliance, as well as quality and level of services provided. The study observed efficacy, timeliness, billing and staffing practices, safety procedures. Other specific tasks included:

  • Audit of Revenue Reporting
  • Field Audit of Service Levels
  • Container Audit
  • Driver Performance Audit
  • Visual Waste Characterization
  • Assessment of AB 341 & 1826 Compliance

Republic's Maintenance Bays

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