With our project team of accomplished Zero Waste planners, possessing extensive public engagement experience on a wide variety of solid waste matters and a focus on data-driven and operationally practical Zero Waste solutions, R3 Consulting Group is assisting the City of Menlo Park in.

  1. providing a cutting edge Zero Waste Plan,
  2. conducting a Rate Structure Analysis and Revision, and
  3. designing and participating in a Community Engagement process.

Zero Waste Plan

The City of Menlo Park has a robust Climate Action Plan (CAP) and target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 27% by the year 2020 from 2005 levels. Completing a community wide Zero Waste Plan is a part of the strategy to meet this goal. The Zero Waste Plan being developed by R3 provides a guide to residential, commercial, and City programs to achieve zero waste and provides cost estimates of the proposed zero waste programs that can be incorporated into the rate structure to fully document and account for the costs to be recovered in the rate structure.

Rate Structure Analysis and Revision

Consistent with the City’s position as an innovator and environmental leader, our approach to the rate structure analysis and revision “breaks the mold” for solid waste rate structures and facilitates a transparent rate setting process, producing rates which are aligned to the cost-of service and support the City’s Zero Waste goals, thus ensuring that:

  • customers are charged in accordance with the services they receive,
  • customers are protected from rate spikes, and
  • consistency in expectations for rates is provided for years to come.

Community Engagement

In an effort to engage residents and businesses in important decisions that will come before the City Council, R3 is designing and participating in a community engagement process to allow residents and businesses to learn about the zero waste draft policy and draft rate structure, ask questions, and provide input before they go before the City Council. This includes designing an outreach strategy, providing content to be presented in the City’s specific marketing format, and presenting and leading community engagement meetings.


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