R3 is currently working with the cities of San Rafael, Larkspur, and Ross, the County of Marin, and the Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District (Marin Franchisors’ Group or Group) to review their solid waste rate-setting methodology. Project tasks include:

  • Developing a Simplified Rate Adjustment Methodology, in which R3 would work to simplify and streamline the current rate adjustment methodology, including the proposed method of addressing changes and challenges in the industry in the coming years (i.e. where the industry is going, and what the Group and Marin Sanitary Service (MSS) should be planning for) as well as the proposed approach to address potential MSS requested changes to programs and services in non-detailed rate review years;
  • Developing a New Methodology for Recycling Revenues Balancing Account, which would address recycling commodities fluctuations, including how the processing cost and recycling revenue projections might be set at the beginning and adjusted after; and
  • Developing a Methodology for Addressing Commercial Migration, i.e. more recycling and composting results in a smaller garbage cart and lower price, but not less service or cost.

Anticipated project benefits include the following:

  • Lower level of effort and cost for annual rate adjustments; and
  • Improved communications about the rate adjustment process.
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