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Zero Waste Sonoma – Organics Processing Procurement

On behalf of the Zero Waste Sonoma (ZW Sonoma, formerly known as Sonoma County Waste Management Authority), R3 was initially engaged to compile a Request for Information (RFI) for future compost facilities that might be sited in the County of Sonoma (County) which was used to aid ZW Sonoma in developing a strategic action plan to provide for organics capacity throughout the region, simultaneous with the procurement of solid waste services for several jurisdictions within the County.

R3 was subsequently engaged by ZW Sonoma to assist in the procurement of an organics material processing facility in the county. R3’s project goals were to:

  • Provide the highest level of service to ZW Sonoma’s residents and businesses at the best cost; and
  • Ensure long-term sustainability and successful operations of organics processing facilities utilized by ZW Sonoma.

R3 compiled, drafted, and issued the RFP package for ZW Sonoma, and provided technical assistance to the proposal evaluation team by assisting in the proposal scoring and analysis of the County’s long-   and short-term options. Through our analysis of 11 submitted proposals, R3 gained insight on the processing costs for organics, including commercial source-separated food waste, mixed green and food waste, biosolids, and manure. Based on the analysis, R3 recommended the award of one contract to Renewable Sonoma for the construction and operation of an organics processing facility to provide organics processing throughout the Sonoma County region.

In addition to assisting with procurement tasks, R3 also provided ZW Sonoma with a valuable financial analysis of the impacts of the various proposals submitted based on location, County fees, waste delivery requirements, flow control and available programs.

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