In early 2016, R3 was engaged by the City of Rolling Hills Estates to conduct a Performance Review of their franchised hauler, Waste Management (WM), with the objective of assessing WM’s collection operations prior to the franchise agreement’s expiration in early 2017. R3’s Performance Review included:

  • Contract Compliance Review – to determine if WM is adhering to the major terms and conditions of its franchise agreement with the City;
  • Management and Administration Review – to review WM’s organizational structure and identify potential changes or improvements to management practices;
  • Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance, Repair and Replacement Review – to determine if WM is maintaining vehicles and equipment in a safe operating condition;
  • Customer Service Review – to assess the adequacy of the current customer service functions and structure utilized by WM;
  • Annual Report Assessment – to review WM’s annual reports for compliance with the franchise agreement;
  • Billing Review and Field Audit – to verify that all customer rates and charges have been approved and are consistent with the City’s approved rate schedule; and
  • Comprehensive findings and recommendations, including recommendations for how to improve WM’s collection operations, public education, and reporting in the event that the City chooses to negotiate a new franchise agreement with WM.

As a result of the overall positive performance review, R3 worked on the City’s behalf to negotiate a new franchise agreement with WM that went into effect when the current agreement expired in early 2017. The new franchise agreement was designed to improve WM’s public education and reporting, while maintaining current service levels and assisting the City in complying with State legislation including AB 939, AB 341, AB 1826, and AB 1594.

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