Staff Spotlight: Ryan Calkins

We have a staff spotlight for you this week – featuring Ryan Calkins, Sr. Project Manager! For the past two decades, Ryan has worked to perfect his craft in each leadership and management role he has served in – varying from the Marine Corps to a private solid waste collection company, Waste Management, to today, a solid waste municipal consulting firm, yours truly.

In each of his roles, he has leveraged his experience to analyze, plan, and implement effective solutions that continually improve operations. Ryan’s bottom line will always be the people – they are what make and break any organization and his main motivation is to maximize staff growth and development.

Ryan, the star of the show (Remy), and Melissa

Not only is Ryan celebrating his 5th year with R3 this month, but we have some other exciting news to share…. he has officially earned his Masters in Business Administration degree from California State University, Sacramento!

Ryan signed up for this endeavor before the pandemic, with a completely different idea of what the program would look like. Of course, with COVID-19 – everything changed for everyone. He began his program in March 2020, and had to switch to fully online classes every Friday evening and all day on Saturdays. He took an accelerated 15-month program and finished in June 2021, but couldn’t fully celebrate with his class until April 2022. The wait was worth it though, as he was finally able to walk across the stage with his fellow classmates and receive his well-deserved degree.

CSU, Sacramento, MBA Class of July 2021 – Ryan, far left


If you think you can handle it – we have MORE good news from the Calkins family……Ryan and his wife, Melissa, welcomed their adorable baby boy, Remy, into the world in the fall of 2021 and our office could not be more obsessed! Remy is a *highly* awaited cameo anytime Ryan is in a zoom/teams meeting, and every time he shows up – you would not believe all of the smiles that ensue throughout the participants.


A message from R3 President, Garth Schultz:

“Congratulations, Ryan – your passion and hard work is evident in your dedication to R3’s people and the firm. Your drive for improvement has led us to redevelop our organization’s mission, vision, and strategic objectives, and we couldn’t have done it without you. What a year – you completed your MBA during a pandemic and became a father to boot. I look forward to seeing you apply your MBA education to R3’s continued growth and success in the coming years!”


Congratulations, Ryan (& Melissa!) – we are so happy for you all around, and truly admire your hard work and dedication. Time for an office happy hour to continue the celebrations!

R3 Team Event 2022