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Compliance Corner – December 2022

While our efforts towards SB 1383 implementation and sustainment will carry on for the foreseeable future, we’re sad to say that our yearlong dedication to SB 1383-related blog posts is coming to an end. We’ve covered topics ranging from Education & Outreach to Route Reviews & Enforcement, and everything in between. As we close out […]

To 20 Years, and To 20 More!

Over the past year – and especially the past 6 months – our team has worked extremely hard to propel R3 forward into the future. To not only celebrate the past 20 years, but to plan for the next 20 and beyond. We’ve navigated some big challenges this year: ownership transition, an entire organizational shift, […]


Compliance Corner – November 2022

Enforcement For November, we’re focusing on SB 1383 enforcement requirements. Although not the most popular topic, enforcement is imperative to accomplishing California’s climate and organic waste diversion goals by the year 2025! A jurisdiction’s role in SB 1383 compliance monitoring, inspections and enforcement will include approving and issuing waivers to organic waste generators and accepting […]

Compliance Corner – October 2022

Complaint Investigations For this month, we’re focusing on complaints… No, not our complaints about the challenges with rolling out SB 1383, and no, not generator complaints about having to pay for another bin and sort more materials…but rather the ability for a community member to submit a complaint to you about compliance issues they have […]

Compliance Corner – September 2022

Recordkeeping / Implementation Record (Due 10/1!) This month, we are clarifying the differences between the regular CalRecycle reporting and the Implementation Record, which is a new requirement introduced by SB 1383. Many of our clients don’t initially realize that they’re actually different requirements, and with the Electronic Annual Report (EAR) this year including so many […]

Legislation Update: AB 1276

“Every year in the United States, an estimated 561 billion disposable foodware items are used, resulting in a whopping 4.9 million tons of waste. Unused food accessories including utensils, straws, napkins, condiment packages, and otherwise clog landfills, complicate recycling, and pollute streets and waterways in our communities.” Assembly Bill (AB) 1276, signed into law by […]

Compliance Corner – July 2022

We’ve been talking about SB 1383 for months now (well, in these blog posts anyway – in reality for R3 it’s been years!) and you may be asking yourself…. “This SB 1383 stuff all sounds great in theory, but how do we actually get people to comply?” The answer to that question is through enforcement. The […]

Staff Spotlight: Claire Wilson

Anyone who knows Claire Wilson, knows all about her joyful, intentional, and charismatic nature. From the moment she started R3 – bringing her background in environmental science and ecology and combining that with her experience in research and data analysis – it was clear that she would do big things. She has a strong background […]

Compliance Corner – June 2022

June 2022 – Procurement / Recycled Paper Procurement Records       This month, we’re focusing on recycled-content paper procurement requirements. This is one requirement that your solid waste hauler really can’t help you with, since it applies to a jurisdiction’s own purchases. We suspect that you’ll find that the difficult part of complying with these requirements is […]

Staff Spotlight: Ryan Calkins

We have a staff spotlight for you this week – featuring Ryan Calkins, Sr. Project Manager! For the past two decades, Ryan has worked to perfect his craft in each leadership and management role he has served in – varying from the Marine Corps to a private solid waste collection company, Waste Management, to today, […]