Alameda Stakeholder Workshop

R3 was recently engaged by The City of Alameda (City) to conduct a Zero Waste Implementation Plan Update (ZWIP Update) for the City and assess the City’s progress towards its target of 89% diversion by 2020. For this project, R3’s primary objective is to evaluate and, as necessary, expand upon the City’s current diversion strategies and introduce new methods to increase waste diversion as needed to reach its goals and yield reductions in greenhouse gas emissions to support the City’s Local Action Plan for Climate Protection. The steps to accomplish this goal are as follows:

  • Evaluate the progress and effectiveness of City’s current Zero Waste Implementation Plan (ZWIP) using multiple metrics and/or other benchmarks of interest to the City;
  • Develop a set of Zero Waste strategy recommendations that will enhance the effectiveness of current programs, as well as develop new programs that will cost-effectively increase diversion;
  • Conduct analysis of the zero waste strategy recommendations that details the results of each strategy’s estimated additional diversion and implementation costs, and greenhouse gas emission reductions;
  • Organize one (1) community meeting, in consultation and with the participation of the City, that invites the public participation and feedback of interested stakeholders in the ZWIP; and
  • Submit and present the ZWIP Update Report, detailing the methodology, findings, and recommendations.

Project benefits included the City gaining:

  • A comprehensive evaluation of its current ZWIP’s progress and effectiveness; and
  • Strategic recommendations to advance progress towards its 2020 goal of 89% diversion.
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