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Butte County – Rate Review

Butte County

R3 was recently engaged by Butte County (County) to assist with solid waste planning efforts for the County’s Enterprise Fund and Neal Road Recycling and Waste Facility (NRRWF). R3 is providing a variety of services including:

  • Reviewing and confirming the Interim Year Rate Applications for the County’s three haulers: Waste Management, Recology, and Northern Waste and Recycling;
  • Assisting the County with SB 1383 Capacity Planning by projecting organic waste tons disposed by the County and its incorporated jurisdictions as well as projecting the required additional edible food recovery capacity;
  • Providing the County with draft franchise agreement language for all three haulers to incorporate compliance with AB 1826 & SB 1383, and assisting in contract negotiations with the haulers;
  • Conducting Base Year (Detailed) Rate Reviews for each of the County’s three haulers;
  • Performing a rate study and creating a rate model for the County’s Enterprise Fund; projecting different rate adjustment scenarios over 20 years to ensure revenues can accommodate required expenses;
  • Creating draft ordinance language for the County to comply with SB 1383; and
  • Performing on-call work, as needed, including CalRecycle regulatory assistance, community engagement assistance, grant preparation assistance, and local task force assistance.