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RecycleMore – Planning Assistance in Response to SB 1383 Organic Waste Reduction Mandates

SB 1383

R3 is currently leading a team consisting of SCS Engineers, Abbe & Associates, DKC Consulting, and Cascadia Consulting Group to provide initial planning support for RecycleMore and its Member Agencies in implementing Senate Bill (SB) 1383.

Project tasks include the following:

  • Analyze current RecycleMore organics collection programs for all sectors, including processing, and determine adequacy to support compliance with SB 1383 requirements; and
  • Provide an estimate of additional collection and/or processing capacity needed to achieve the SB 1383 requirements;
  • Analyze existing RecycleMore program compliance requirements and new compliance requirements under SB 1383, consider the listed activities under all state mandates; and
  • Provide recommendations for the most effective implementation of required activities, which include:
    • Education and Outreach;
    • Inspection and Enforcement, including the assessment of penalties and contamination monitoring;
    • Edible Food Recovery Programs;
    • Regulation of Self-Haul Sector;
    • Purchasing Policy Changes;
    • Municipal Code Updates; and
    • Container Color and Labeling Requirements.
  • Provide a recommendation and description for accurate record keeping and monitoring of recommended RecycleMore activities to determine their performance effectiveness and contribution to organics reduction.

Anticipated project benefits are enhanced compliance with SB 1383, as well as improved coordination on legislative compliance between RecycleMore and its Member Agencies.