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Zero Waste Marin – Zero Waste Strategic Planning and Organizational Assessment

Zero Waste Marin

R3 was recently selected by Zero Waste Marin to conduct an Organizational Assessment of the JPA and provide recommendations on Best Management Practices and agency design that will improve the JPA’s ability to support Marin’s efforts to reduce waste going to landfill; as well as a zero waste feasibility study update that identifies five short-list strategies and a roadmap toward implementation of those strategies.

Project tasks include the following:

  • Research, analyze, develop findings, and prepare recommendations regarding the JPA’s Board of Director’s structure and composition, including potential alternatives to current practices;
  • Research, analyze, develop findings and prepare recommendations for future JPA staffing, that would be necessary to implement potential future alternative JPA structure and/or composition (such as contract staffing, support costs, expanded program costs, etc.);
  • Research, analyze, and develop findings regarding per capita (and/or per ratepayer) funding levels for other similar (and/or model) solid waste and recycling joint powers authorities, including descriptions of zero waste achievement and programs and services provided by the comparison agencies;
  • Conduct workshops with the Executive Committee and/or Board on best management practices in other zero waste communities and similar joint powers authorities;
  • Utilize our expertise to provide advice and recommendations on possible updates the 1996 Joint Powers Agreement; and
  • Map out the next steps the JPA could take to effectively move towards its zero waste goals and objectives, and identify five short-list zero waste strategies for implementation based upon updated waste and diversion modeling, stakeholder input, and best practices in zero waste.

Anticipated benefits include enhanced organizational effectiveness and improved zero waste programs.