Since 2016, R3 has been engaged by the County of Los Angeles (County) Department of Public Works to audit monthly facility and franchised hauler payments and tonnage reports required by the County. These audits are being conducted pursuant to Los Angeles County Code Chapter 20.88, which requires that all disposal sites, transfer/processing stations, or waste exporters in the County remit a fee based upon the tons or cubic yards of solid waste received, collected, conveyed, or hauled during a calendar month.
The County’s goal for this engagement was to confirm and/or correct the facility and hauler fee payments and reported tonnages. To that end, R3 was contracted to conduct approximately 48 facility and hauler audits annually over the course of four (4) years to complete the following:

  • Facility Tonnage and Fee Reviews – R3 is reviewing and verifying the accuracy of solid waste management tonnage fees remitted to the County by disposal sites, transformation facilities, transfer/processing stations, and/or waste exporters operating in the County (4 per month);

To accomplish the County’s objectives, R3 has been performing these and other tasks:

  • Managing the logistics and communications between County and operator/franchisee staff for monthly verifications and site visits;
  • Notifying the County Contract Manager of any issues related to the cooperation of operators/franchisees;
  • Providing advance notice to each operator/franchisee of documentation required for review at the confirmed date and location, covering the entire verification review period;
  • Conducting scheduled on-site operator/franchisee staff interviews to gain an understanding of operations and internal tracking procedures and confirming that the operator/franchisee has provided all required documents and records necessary for verification;
  • Reviewing and analyzing the required documents and records in order to verify accuracy of fees, tonnages, and other required elements, and identify possible underpayments or overpayments, if any;
  • Working with each operator/franchisee to clarify any inconsistencies between R3’s calculated values and the values submitted by the operators/franchisees;
  • Providing the County Contract Manager with paper and electronic copies of the required documents for each verification; and
  • Conducting all work necessary to the completion of the Findings Report for each verification and submits it to the County Contract Manager within 60 calendar days of each site visit.

The anticipated benefits of this engagement include:

  • Confirmation and correction of the County’s facility and hauler (operator/franchisee) reported tonnages and fees; and
  • Identification of possible underpayments or overpayments to the County