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El Cajon – Solid Waste Procurement Services

R3 is currently engaged by the City of El Cajon (City) to provide procurement assistance regarding the City’s franchise agreement with Waste Management for the collection of residential and commercial solid waste, which expires in December 2020. For this engagement, R3’s primary objective is to assist the City in procuring a solid waste collection Agreement that provides the highest level of service to the City’s residents and businesses at the best cost, and accounts for all state legislative requirements.

R3 is acting as an extension of the City staff for all tasks of this engagement, by developing a knowledge base of the City’s current solid waste collection programs.

In late 2019, R3 developed a request for proposals (RFP), including a draft franchise agreement outlining program requirements. The RFP was issued to qualified hauler, and as a result, the City received three qualified proposals.

R3 assisted in the evaluation of the proposals by providing the City’s proposal evaluation team with a summary of the qualifications, technical approach (transition, operations, customer service, diversion, education and outreach plans), reference checks, and proposed service rates provided by each proposer.

Through the negotiation process, R3 will also assist the City staff with:

  • Conducting interviews with proposers;
  • Preparing staff reports;
  • Conducting negotiation sessions, as necessary;
  • Finalizing the Agreement; and
  • Assisting City staff with making City Council presentations.

Anticipated project benefits include the following:

  • Finalization of a high-diversion Agreement for solid waste collection that incorporates new legislation to address franchised hauler requirements and City compliance, including AB 341, AB 1594, SB 1383, and AB 1826;
  • Verification that the City is adequately compensated by the franchisee through franchise, road impact fees, surcharge and/or AB 939 fees; and
  • Increase of the City’s overall landfill diversion through the promotion of re-use, recycling, composting, and source reduction strategies and programs.