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Has anyone maybe heard of Organic Materials recently? Food Scraps vs. Food Waste vs. Edible Food? New state law, SB 1383? Recordkeeping? Compostables? Is your head spinning yet?! To sum it up – Senate Bill 1383, also known as the Short-Lived Climate Pollutants Act, is the largest change to the waste and recycling industries in […]

City of Riverside

R3 first conducted an evaluation of the City of Riverside (City)’s organics collection program, which included reviewing the City’s municipal code, franchise agreement, and commercial solid waste rates; disposal, transfer and processing options and capabilities, commercial customer practices, available food recovery program options, and waste hauler involvement in the provision of services. As part of this […]

Thanks to an increasingly environmentally-conscious public and pressure on corporations to be responsible producers and make sustainability pledges, 2019 has been a busy year for environmental legislation in California. Here’s a sampling of pro-environment legislation that has either been approved or may be revisited in the 2020 session: Signed by Governor in 2019: AB 827 […]

Bales of recycled plastic.

For a look at some impactful developments in the world of recycling, here are two interesting articles: Published in The Atlantic on March 5, 2019: Published in Plastics Recycling Update on March 6, 2019:

Organics Waste

In an article published in the March/April 2019 edition of BioCycle, Carrie Baxter wrote: “The next few years present a paradigm shift in the handling of solid waste, and organic waste in particular, which has real impacts on programs and, consequently, the rates charged to customers. As local jurisdictions and their franchised haulers implement and expand […]

Per an article by Colin Staub in Resource Recycling, “California Assembly Member Cecilia Aguiar-Curry last week introduced Assembly Bill 815, which offers communities incentive to adopt dual-stream collections,” defined in the bill as the source separation of paper and containers, at minimum. Under this bill, communities that adopt dual-stream would automatically be considered compliant with the CA […]