Operations & Performance Reviews

R3 has extensive experience operating and evaluating solid waste management systems, and use that experience to assist our clients with the review and analysis of both municipally operated and franchised solid waste operations.  We understand the challenges associated with operating municipal systems, as well as administering franchised solid waste services.

In either case, we strive to generate meaningful recommendations based on documented analysis with a focus on opportunities to improve safety and customer service, increase productivity and reduce costs.

Our operations and performance review services include the following:

  • Review and analysis of management and administrative functions;
  • Review of collection system productivity and the development of “target-productivity” standards and performance enhancement strategies;
  • Review of contract compliance by private operators;
  • “Time-and-motion” analysis of collection and transfer operations;
  • Analysis of vehicle routing systems;
  • Review of customer service and billing functions; and
  • Development of “performance benchmarking” metrics to measure system performance and improvements.

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Served under Operations & Performance Reviews

Alameda County, CA
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Hillsborough, CA
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Novato Sanitary District
Sacramento, CA
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El Dorado County, CA
Orange, CA
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Yuba-Sutter RWMA, CA
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